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Game “Zoo Playground” — for toddlers that are only just beginning to learn about the natural world and acquire coherent speech.

“Zoo Playground”: a Zoo and a fun Playground in one. At the Zoo, your little ones will meet lots of different animals. At the Playground, they’ll play many fun, engaging, educational mini-games. These games will enrich their knowledge, and help in cognitive development, speech, intelligence, attention, memory and imagination skills. The animals are interactive: your children can feed them, pet them, learn their calls, color them in and even assemble animal jigsaw puzzles. The animals are colorful, friendly and fun — so that your child will be content to enjoy many happy hours of play and learn at the same time.

No ads, in-app purchases or hidden add-ons!

The current version of the game includes:

  • 40 Interactive Animals
  • 9 Built-In Mini-Games

As well as:

  • Professional voice-overs designed specifically for toddlers;
  • Children can feed, pet and color in different animals. They can also assemble animal jigsaws, and learn the animals’ unique calls and habitats;
  • A simplified interface which allows children to play with parents and by themselves;
  • There are no points, scores, ratings, violence, or other unsuitable aspects usually found in games for older players;
  • If your child gets stuck at any point, the game will provide hints;
  • The difficulty level rises as your child masters each task;
  • The game invites the child to play various mini-games, so that they can develop a diverse range of skills;

Your child:

  • Encounters the many wonders of the natural world by learning about different animals and their habitats;
  • Learns new words and pronunciation;
  • Learns numbers and develops numeracy skills;
  • Learns the names, appearances, and behavior of various animals;
  • Learns the names of different foods through feeding the animals;
  • Learns different color terms while also learning to color within the lines;
  • Learns to associate various sounds and images;
  • Develops key skills;
  • Feels happy and have lots of fun playing with all the amusing animals!


First of all, Zoo Playground is an extensive Zoo: here, the animals are found in their natural habitats. The various habitats have their own individual screens, through which you can flick back and forth. There are five animals on every screen, with which your child can interact. When you tap on an animal, they will move around and make sounds, while a friendly voice clearly gives their names. The ‘food’ hint allows your child to come closer to the animal, feed it, and pet it.


The educational mini-games are another important component of Zoo Playground. Your child will first meet the animals at the Zoo, then, when they get to the Playground, they will revise what they’ve just learned through a fun game. The current version of Zoo Playground comes with 9 mini-games, each of which is specifically designed to develop various key skills. These key skills include: Memory, attention, cognitive ability, motor skills and imagination.

  • “Numbers” — a game designed to develop the child's numeracy skills.
  • “Words by letter” — the game shapes the child’s understanding of the alphabet and teaches them to recognize letters and words.
  • “Swapped habitats!” — a game designed to develop cognitive ability, memory and attention skills. The child matches the animals to their natural habitats.
  • “Happy Memories” — turn over the squares and find matching pairs of animals. The number of squares increases with each successful game.
  • “Who lives where?” — a different version, where the object is to match the animals with their natural habitats.
  • “Feeding” — feed the animals by giving them the food you think they’ll like the most.
  • “Hide and Seek” — the task is to pick out the right image. The number of images increases.
  • “Coloring” — the child colors in different animals and learns color terms.
  • “Jigsaw Puzzle” — your little one learns to distinguish different parts of an image and to assemble them into a complete picture.

Play, interact, bond and enjoy precious moments of joy with your little one!



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