Clone Factory

Flying Fox


Action, Arcade, Puzzle




Wide range of Android based smartphones and tablets



Content rating

Medium Maturity (12+)


A new game from the developers of Flying Fox!

A newly-made clone, the result of an “unsuccessful” experiment, escapes, ruining the evil plans of Professor Spook, who has been secretly working on creating an army of mutants in an abandoned biochemical plant! Driven by an instinct for self-preservation, the clone runs blindly towards freedom, while the eccentric Professor Spook furiously sets off in pursuit.

The inexperienced clone is too frightened to notice that some unseen hand has been clearing his way through many obstacles, traps, and hordes of bloodthirsty mutants.

Game objectives:

  • Help the innocent clone escape the trap-infested factory.
  • Free other clones from horrific tortures.
  • Gain experience and collect biomass.
  • Develop skills that will help the clones overcome new challenges
  • Clone, clone, clone!
  • Help the innocent clone escape the trap-infested factory.

For fans of Action games, the game offers:

  • Original game-play, chock full of dark humor.
  • Lots of animations and effects.
  • An impressive soundtrack.
  • A dynamic that will improve endurance.

Gameplay video



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